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Phone: 52, 81, 2719, 3064


Our commitment is to offer an alternative to the highly complicated, expensive and sometimes chaotic process that Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies have to endure in the United States. By providing the industry with our infrastructure in Latin America, we offer an easier path to launch clinical trials and studies following FDA standards. We define ourselves as a unique team, capable of blending our academic background with a global business mindset to bring the highest standard of quality and operational excellence into clinical research in Latin America. With headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, Cohortias has built an extensive and highly reputable network of sites which can access patients in a timely manner and can operate within a standard-of-care comparable to the U.S. healthcare system.

Office in Colombia: CR. 18 No. 86A14 Municipio de Bogota D.C. Bogota, Colombia

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