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Cambridge Biomedical

Phone: 6174560700

E-mail:[email protected]


Cambridge Biomedical Has You Covered From assay development to clinical sample testing, our services are as dynamic as they are dependable. We work across a wide range of therapeutic areas and technology platforms to support all aspects of clinical trials from preclinical to Phase IV. Our test methods include PK/PD analysis, immunogenicity, biomarker analysis, and more. We offer additional services not listed here. Reach out to learn how we can help you. We support the full assay life cycle, from optimization or technology transfer to full validation. Our lab can also perform routine sample testing for LDTs or assays developed in house. services-thumb.jpg Our highly skilled team of medical technologists and support staff provide quality results with fast turnaround times. We provide kits, forms, and central lab services for clinical trials. We have a robust LIS system and a highly skilled Laboratory Operations staff to ensure the best quality service. The elite team of project managers at Cambridge Biomedical will ensure that your project always comes in on time and under budget. Our lab has a wide range of technologies available for analysis, and the expertise to match. We support a broad range of therapeutic areas and test methods. services-thumb.jpg Our quality team is fully trained on the ins and outs of our regulatory environment. In addition to auditing data, internal procedures, and client projects, they can also provide guidance and regulatory counseling services.

Office in United States: 1320 Soldier's Field Road Boston, MA 02135

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