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Clinical Device Group (CDG)

Phone: 773-489-5706

E-mail:[email protected]


We were founded in 1990, before the device industry knew it needed a consultant in clinical research, and we claim to be the oldest medical device CRO in the States. Today Clinical Device Group we offer consulting, contracting, and rich-content training firm focusing on medical device pre-approval issues. We are located on the near north side of Chicago, see map. If you visit us you can see the historic neighborhood of Wicker Park. Our business is modeled after that of any general contractor; the administrative staff are located in Chicago as full-time employees. The experts are contracted, independent professionals known as our Network Staff Associates and are located around the country and around the world, here's our brochure. The CVs and capabilities of our experts are listed on the home page.

Office in United States: Chicago, 2128 W Evergreen Ave

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