Health care organization studies the Effect of Menstrual Phase Endometrial Scratch

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Carilion Clinic is enrolling patients into the clinical trial investigating the Effect of Menstrual Phase Endometrial Scratch on Intrauterine Insemination Cycle Outcomes and Participant Acceptability.

Patients undergoing treatment with intrauterine insemination (IUI) will be randomized to receive an endometrial scratch or sham procedure during the menstrual phase of the treatment cycle.
Infertility is a common issue faced by many couples throughout the United States. There are multiple fertility treatment options, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Additionally, methods such as endometrial scratch (a modified endometrial biopsy) have been postulated to increase success rate. This prospective, randomized control trial will assess whether performing an endometrial scratch improves cycle outcomes and decreases time to pregnancy following IUI. Each patient will be randomly assigned to receive either an endometrial scratch or undergo a "sham" procedure (speculum insertion but no scratch) during the menstrual phase of the IUI cycle.

Pregnancy rate is the primary outcome measure. Obtaining a positive pregnancy test (urine or serum) at the conclusion of the treatment cycle in which the scratch was performed.

The patients that can be enrolled into this study include all patients undergoing intrauterine insemination procedures between the ages of 18 and 37 who have undergone a complete fertility work up (tubal, uterine, hormonal and sperm assessments) and do not have a current tubal or uterine factor infertility or severe male factor (expected to have < 10 million total motile sperm on IUI sample) unless using donor sperm.

The location of this study is Carilion Clinic Reproductive Medicine and Fertility, Roanoke, Virginia, United States, 24016.

Carilion Clinic, formerly known as Carilion Health System, is a Roanoke, Virginia-based non-profit integrated health care organization that provides care for nearly one million Virginians and West Virginians. Carilion owns and operates seven hospitals in the western part of Virginia as well as Jefferson College of Health Sciences and a joint venture medical school and research institute with Virginia Tech.

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