Inositol Treatment in Different Type of PCOS Phenotype

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Lo.Li.Pharma s.r.l is recruiting patients for the clinical trial of Inositol Treatment in Different Type of PCOS Phenotype.

Evaluation of the efficacy of inositol treatment in women with PCOS in relation to the phenotype (according to the Rotterdam Criteria)

The study start was in December 2022. The indicative completion of the clinical trial will be expected in May 2023.

Among primary outcome measures are the regularization of the menstrual cycle and number of women with regular/altered menstrual cycle.

The study will take place at the Clinica Alma Res, Roma, Italy.

Included will be women with PCOS of any phenotype. The patients receiving hormonal treatment (such as contraceptive pill), or who use supplements containing myo-inositol, or with severe co-morbidities cannot be enrolled into this research.

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