Institute of Cancer Research started a clinical trial of Precision Medicine in the Prostate Cancer Care Pathway

Photo by Tom Chen

The Institute of Cancer Research, United Kingdom is enrolling patients into the clinical trial investigating Precision Medicine in the Prostate Cancer Care Pathway (PMPRC).

This study aims to evaluate the use of a prostate cancer specific predisposition genetic panel test in men with / at high risk of prostate cancer. The genetic test will analyse men's DNA samples for the presence of mutations in rare genes as well as common genetic variation to provide men with information about their risk of prostate cancer. This study will evaluate the clinical impact of the test on risk assessment and clinical management in terms of screening and treatment.

The trial is designed to enroll Male 30 to 70 Years and is being conducted in the Royal Marsden Hosital,, Sutton, England, United Kingdom.

The study start date is February 14, 2019.

There are two pathways for men to be approached about this study; first eligible men will be identified and approached by their clinical team in Urology and Uro-Oncology clinics at the Royal Marsden. Second, men already under the care of the Oncogenetics Research team due to their family history of prostate cancer and who meet the eligibility criteria will be given information about the study as deemed appropriate by the research clinician who has been managing their care (Research Nurse or Clinical Research Fellow).

The Institute of Cancer Research (the ICR) is a public research institute and a constituent college of the University of London in London, United Kingdom, specialising in oncology. It was founded in 1909 as a research department of the Royal Marsden Hospital and joined the University of London in 2003. It has been responsible for a number of breakthrough discoveries, including that the basic cause of cancer is damage to DNA.

This page provides a more detailed overview of this clinical trial:

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