The regional council in Sweden encourage enrollment into clinical trial of Bowel Dysfunction

Region Skane conducts the clinical trial of bowel dysfunction three years after anterior resection a in a Swedish National Cohort.

The primary objectives are to evaluate the prevalence of LARS and Quality of Life in rectal cancer patients 3 years after anterior resection, to investigate if anastomotic technique is a risk factor for major LARS and to study the prevalence of colostomy 3 years after anterior resection and evaluate stoma function according to the stoma scale in EORTC QLQ-CR29.

All patients who have undergone anterior resection for rectal cancer between Q1 2015 and Q4 2017 have been identified in the Swedish Colorectal Cancer Registry (SCRCR). Three years after surgery the patients were sent a questionnaire including the LARS (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome)-score, the quality of life questionnaire EORTC QLQ 30 and CR29 in addition to a questionnaire regarding prevalence of remaining stoma.The patient cohort will be divided into two groups operated with total (TME) or partial (PME) mesorectal excision for further analyses. Patients with a stoma will be analysed separately.

All patients with rectal cancer that have undergone anterior resection for rectal cancer between Q1 2015 and Q4 2017 in Sweden can be enrolled into this study.

But Inclusion criteria such as clinical diagnosis of rectal cancer in Sweden and operated on with anterior resection between Q1 2015 and Q4 2017 in Sweden, with or without defunctioning stoma;

And Exclusion criteria such as persons are under the age of 18 years., dementia, inability to understand Swedish language

should be taken into account.

Skane university hospital in Malmö, Sweden is the recruitment location.

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