The study of Paro Robotic Seal for psycho-social intervention focused on patients with dementia

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Istituto Nazionale di Ricovero e Cura per Anziani is enrolling patients into the clinical trial investigating Psycho-social Intervention With Paro Robotic Seal Focused on Patients With Dementia (PARO).

The overall objective of the study is to evaluate the improvement in patient-perceived quality of life following the use of the Paro robot integrated with traditional intervention in the elderly with dementia.

PARO is an advanced interactive robot. It allows the documented benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals present treatment or logistical difficulties. PARO has five kinds of sensors: tactile, light, audition, temperature, and posture sensors, with which it can perceive people and its environment. PARO can learn to behave in a way that the user prefers, and to respond to its new name.

The trial is designed to enroll male and female 65 Years and older and is being conducted in the IRCCS INRCA Hospital, Ancona, Italy, and it started on October 1, 2022.

The patients that can be enrolled into this study include must have the diagnosis of mild-moderate dementia according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V) with MMSE between 10 and 24. They must be attending the Alzheimer's Day Center since at least 3 months and have a caregiver.

Between the exclusion Criteria are severe sensory disabilities (visual and auditory), comprehension difficulties, history of syncopal episodes, epilepsy, and dizziness not controlled pharmacologically, severe autonomic system dysfunction, severe behavioral syndromes not compensated by medication.

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