The study of Tecovirimat for human monkeypox virus

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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is conducting the clinical trial Study of Tecovirimat for Human Monkeypox Virus (STOMP).

It is planned to include 530 participants and the researchers expect to complete the study by September 30, 2023.

One primary outcome measure is Time to clinical resolution, defined as the first day on which all skin lesions are scabbed, desquamated or healed, and visible mucosal lesions are healed.

Potential participant must have laboratory-confirmed or presumptive HMPXV infection of <14 days duration immediately prior to study entry, with at least one active (not yet scabbed) skin lesion, mouth lesion, or proctitis with or without visible ulcers. The complete list of the exclusion and inclusion criteria, as well as the investigator's contact details can be found here:

The investigational sites gepgraphy is as follows: Birmingham, Los Angeles, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Diego, San Francisco, Torrance, Aurora, Denver, New Haven, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Jackson, Saint Louis, Omaha, Newark, Bronx, New York, Rochester, Stony Brook, Durham, Winston-Salem, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Seattle, United States; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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