The study of the effects of polyphenol and prebiotic combinations on gut microbiota and stress

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University of Reading is starting a new clinical trial of Polyphenols, Prebiotics, the Gut Microbiome and Stress.

The aim of this study is to evaluate how different combinations of prebiotics and polyphenols affect the gut microbiota and perceived cognitive state. 40 volunteers will take part in this study who will be randomised into 4 different groups. One group will consume a placebo, whereas the other groups will consume prebiotics, polyphenols, or a combination of the two.

Once the study begins, participants will be randomly allocated into 1 of 4 groups each assigned a different polyphenol or prebiotic product: Inulin at 5g/d, GOS at 5g/d and Resistant Starch at 20g/d.

Participants will be asked to consume their assigned product once per day. The length of the intervention is 14 days. Participants will provide two stool samples: one on day 0 and one on day 14 of the study to identify changes in gut microbiota composition. Urine samples will also be provided at day 0 and at day 14 looking for changes in urinary metabolites.

Maintenance of normal dietary patterns throughout the study is essential and participants will be required to complete food and drink logs throughout the study via a web-based app - on three consecutive days with one of the days being a weekend.

The clinical trial started in January 1, 2022 and will continue throughout November 2022.

The study is conducted by University of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

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