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Sermon CRO

Phone: 385, (0)1, 550, 92, 47

Fax: 385, (0)1, 233, 46, 16

E-mail:[email protected]


We are an independent, private company providing high quality clinical trial monitoring services in the South-Eastern Europe region. The rapidly growing demand for clinical trial services in the region is to a great extent due to the quality of the clinical data acquired, large patient pool and highly qualified investigators. Sermon CRO is proud to contribute to this expansion Sermon CRO is an independent, private company providing high quality clinical trial monitoring services in South Eastern Europe. Established in 2004, Sermon CRO offers services in Phase I – IV clinical trials and operates in different therapeutic areas in five countries in the region. We complement the growth of our activities with carefully planned strategic development and quality assurance methodology . Our main office in Zagreb and country office in Belgrade provide quick and simple access to a large number of investigators with years of experience in good clinical practice and in different indication areas. Owing to the years of cooperation with experienced investigators and leading experts, our CRAs select top clinical trial sites and assist the sites in securing the agreed number of subjects, with a high quality of data. We have a long-standing cooperation with regulatory authorities, medical institutions and other key partners. We use our in-depth knowledge of professional standards and local particularities to provide services of regulatory submission, initiation and monitoring patient recruitment in clinical trials. We are dedicated to: Maintaining long term cooperation and support of investigational sites Working in line with ICH-GCP standards and local regulation Achieving business goals set by Sponsor Providing continuous training for our personnel

Office in Croatia: Donje Svetice 46c, 10000 Zagreb

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