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Phone: 33, 160, 92, 70, 90

E-mail:[email protected]


Aepodia’s history starts in 2007. Spin-out of a top 10 US Pharma Company, Aepodia was created by a group of experts in early-phase clinical development. Since its creation, Aepodia has confirmed its reputation by designing, preparing and conducting more than 90 Projects in healthy volunteers or patients with a strong focus on client’s needs and results outcomes. Aepodia has established solid and effective collaborations with pharmaceutical companies over the world (EU, US, Japan), as well as with biotech companies in Europe. Aepodia experience has continuously grown and the company provides now a full services range covering all steps of a clinical trial. We have built a strong and worldwide reputation in the early clinical drug development sector. The highly experienced management and staff members have background in pharmaceutical development that allows to understand sponsor requirements and challenges and to answer to their needs in an optimal way. Aepodia provides to its clients innovative solutions by combined and adaptive design approaches. The results delivered by Aepodia enable to make valuable, pertinent, and rapid decisions on future development plans, based on robust and high-quality data supported by a lean and flexible organization. Our headquarters are located in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, with offices in Paris-La Défense, France. Thanks to our strategic location in the centre of Europe, we can cover the European phase I units. We support clinical trials in Europe and United-States but we have also easy access to patient’s specific populations through our network.

Office in France: Aepodia France SARL,3 avenue du Canada,Bâtiment Thêta 1, Courtaboeuf,91940 Les Ulis

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