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Clin Trial Limited

Phone: 00, 36, 52, 413407

Fax: 00, 36, 52, 413407


ClinTrial Ltd. Contract Research Organisation was founded in 2001 by Hungarian clinical research professionals with the intent to be reliable partners for Hungarian and international CROs, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in conducting clinical and non-clinical trials and projects. A flexible and trustworthy contractor, ClinTrial Ltd. provides a wide range of clinical research services to Hungarian and international CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. The company offers the working contribution of highly trained contract monitors (CRAs) with clinical trials experience.

Office in Hungary: 4032 Debrecen, Mikszáth Kálmán u. 21.
Office in Hungary: 4043 Debrecen, Bartók Béla út 2.-26.

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