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Clinical Site Services (CSS)

Phone: 866.277.4888

Fax: 410.553.0087

E-mail:[email protected]


CSSi was founded in 2005 as Clinical Site Services to serve individual sites with their patient recruitment needs, later expanding into a major global centralized patient recruitment company. A leader in the industry, CSSi delivers strategic patient recruitment and enrollment solutions to study sponsors, CROs, SMOs, and research sites drawing from it's vast experience of: Over 13 years of developing and implementing clinical trial patient recruitment, enrollment and retention programs Leadership averaging over 20 years in dedicated patient recruitment experience Strategic planning and execution of recruitment campaigns in more than 20 therapeutic areas Assisting more than 3,000 geographically-dispersed research sites worldwide Planning and purchasing over $125 million in enrollment budgets Partnering with many of the top pharmaceutical companies, CROs, SMOs, and research sites CSSi's in-house patient recruitment team brings to you years of patient enrollment knowledge across all disciplines: creative development, traditional and digital media advertising, patient retention support programs, project management and reporting, national and local outreach, and information technology solutions.

Office in United States: 6958 Aviation Blvd Suite H Glen Burnie, MD 21061

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