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Cyprotex Limited

Phone: 1-888-297-7683

Fax: 1-617-812-0712

E-mail:[email protected]

Established in 1999, Cyprotex Limited was acquired by Evotec AG ( in 2016. Cyprotex, an Evotec company, has sites at Alderley Park near Macclesfield, UK and in Watertown near Boston, USA. The company has dedicated and highly qualified employees with proven experience in a wide range of specialist techniques acquired across diverse industries. The majority of our clients focus in pharmaceutical research, however, we also support clients in the chemical, cosmetics and personal care, agrichemical and tobacco industries. Cyprotex specialises in in vitro and in silico ADME-Tox services. This includes in vitro ADME screening to support discovery projects, regulatory in vitro ADME and DDI studies during preclinical and clinical development, specialist mechanistic in vitro human and animal toxicity models (e.g. 3D models and MEA electrophysiology) and PBPK/QSAR modelling expertise. As well as supporting clients directly, we have a strong focus on R&D and our scientists regularly present our findings at scientific conferences and through publications. We share our knowledge throughout the industry with our popular educational guides: ‘Everything you need to know about ADME’, ‘Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Toxicology’ and ‘DDI regulatory guidance – an easy to follow guide’. Our laboratory is supported by a team of software engineers who work with the scientists to improve efficiency through LabSysTM, an internally built LIMS (laboratory information management system). This system provides support for compound registration, plate mapping, bar code reading, liquid handling and analytical automation as well as data processing. As we operate as a Contract Research Organisation, the quality of the data we generate is of paramount importance. Cyprotex has an internal quality system which covers SOPs, change management, exception reporting, training and incident reporting. In August 2017, Evotec acquired Aptuit in order to further expand the Group’s capabilities. As well as additional complementary drug discovery capabilities, Aptuit offers full CMC and IND-enabling services allowing the Evotec Group to provide expert support across the value chain from early discovery through to preclinical development and beyond.

Office in United States: 313 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA 02472
Office in United States: 303B College Road East Princeton,NJ 08540

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