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The Smerud Medical Research Group

Phone: +00 461 834 9475

Fax: +00 461 834 9445

E-mail:[email protected]


The Smerud Medical Research Group (SMERUD) is a full-service clinical Contract Research Organisation operating in the Northern European area with head office in Norway and subsidiary offices in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Poland and Canada. In recent years, SMERUD has achieved an unrivalled position in Europe as the CRO for obtaining public grants for clinical trials. Our consistent and huge investment into internal R&D projects has enabled us to act both as a successful grant writer and as a risk-sharing co-development partner for many of our clients. Our project-orientated co-investment service has been particularly welcomed by smaller, cash-strapped biotech companies – seeing this offer as an excellent source of non-dilutive funding. SMERUD has – together with its associated venture firm Scandinavian Biotech Venture AS – become one of the largest private biotech investors in the Nordic countries

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