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Nagy Research NR has been established in 1996 as multinational, full-service research agency covering Middle East and Africa. It has recently expanded its services to cover western parts of Asia and southern parts of Europe. Over the NR has covered most of research industries and built up its strong manpower, networking and databases. We have participated in more than 2500 projects in more than 25 countries. The CEO “Chef Executive Officer” is Dr. Nagy Sobhy who is working in the research industries since 1988 supported by country managers, research executives, analysts and strong field-force teams all over the covered countries. We utilize globally standard methods, and provide competitive advantages and added value business solutions in order to build up long-term relationship with our stakeholders. Our value comes from complete understanding of your objective, applying the best research design & model, guaranteeing controlled sound integrated data collection to providing you with solutions that ensure your decision-making and building up your business, strategic and marketing plans. It is always our pleasure to receive your request for proposal (RFP), it is our job to discuss and clarify any point you might inquire. It is our mission to win your complete satisfaction with respect to the international standards quality, agreed TIMELINES and best Cost-Effective rational

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