List of Contract Research Organizations in Asia

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    TI IMAGE PTE. LTD. is a global imaging Clinical Research Organization (CRO) specialized and customized in various clinical trials based on our experts and experiences in APAC. Our team comprises medical image experts, imaging project managers, and im...

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    Celero provides optimal returns to innovative biotechs & pharmaceutical companies by addressing unmet needs, accelerating clinical development and commercialising innovative healthcare products.Trial mismanagement is the main reason why 85%-90% o...

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    OCT Clinical

    OCT is one of the leading Eastern European contract research organizations. Since 2005, we have conducted hundreds of clinical trials in Eastern Europe, in both CEE and the CIS. Our team of 200+ professionals provides a full range of high-quality CRO...

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    ACROSS Global

    ACROSS Global is a unique, full-service, comprehensive alliance of qualified CROs and Specialist Service Providers dedicated to providing a professional, cost-effective, focused, and seamless service to the pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical devic...

Contract Research Organizations in Asia in alphabetical order

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