We are regionally respected, dynamic and very flexible company established by experienced professionals with many years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device development and biomedical research in Western Europe. Company was established in 1995 and it is fully specialized in clinical research since 2002.
We operate in several Central and Eastern European Countries: Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Baltic sates (new EU members from May 2004) where sponsors of clinical trials can find highly motivated and educated professionals, which can offer to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies their time, knowledge and experience for very reasonable value.
At the same time, because of geographical proximity, we offer our clinical research services in Austria, where operate our experienced monitors.
During recent years we have extended our activities to Croatia, Serbia and other Eastern European countries, which have relatively short regulatory and ethics committee timelines.
We are able to identify and contract investigators for clinical trials for Phase I to Phase IV studies, identify and contract Pre-clinical Units (Academy of Sciences or University level), organize investigator meetings and scientific congresses and symposia, perform study setup, monitoring or auditing of clinical trials. Local knowledge is our strong advantage, which allows us selecting the best recruiting investigators, shortening study timelines and obtaining high quality data.

Offices in Slovakia: Clinitria Ltd., Mikulasska 29, SK-811 01, Bratislava, Slovakia

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