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• Novex Délégués Hospitaliers Spécialistes - Ophtalmologie
• * ARC Cardiologie Dispositifs Médicaux
• * ARC senior
• Senior/Principal Medical Writer
• * (DM) SAS Programmer
• Novex Medical Sales Representative
• Novex Medical Sales Manager
• Medical Writer
• * ARC sur Marseille
• * CRA Lyon

Advanced Drug Development Services SAS

56, Quai Alphonse le Gallo 92513 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex France

Advanced Drug Development Services SAS (ADDS) is a leading European CRO and CSO (Contract Research and Safety Organization) with offices in France, Czech Republic, Israel and Algeria. Having provided services for 15 years to the healthcare industry, ADDS has developed a thorough expertise in some therapeutic areas, developed an in-depth knowledge of regulations in specific territories as well as the latest and best practices: Well-established experience in CNS, Cardiology, Oncology, Orphan Drugs,…


56 rue de Londres 75008 Paris, France

ASCOPHARM and the NOVASCO Group represent one of the most proactive Contract Research Organization in the field of Clinical Research in Europe. Founded in 1995 the original company, ASCOPHARM has now been raised to a full clinical and medical service group. The company has now specificities and expertise in a number of aspects of clinical research and post marketing support. Apart from standard services that other company may also offer, ASCOPHARM and the NOVASCO Group have raised up expertise in…


7-9 rue Jean-Louis Bertrand 35000 Rennes France

Biotrial's mission is to provide our sponsors with high-quality pharmacology services, adding value to their projects by working together and meeting all needs throughout the development process. To ensure this mission, Biotrial advocates controlled extension of its facilities and prides itself in developing long-standing relationships with our sponsors. With experience gained from over 20 years activity, Biotrial has established flexible and efficient working practices ensuring client satisfaction…

Caliper Life Sciences

Central parc 1, Allée de l\'épervier 93420 Villepinte France

  Caliper Life Sciences (NASDAQ:  CALP) is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests more quickly and efficiently.  Caliper has compiled numerous best-in-class solutions and is aggressively innovating new technologies to bridge the gaps that exist in bringing in vitro assays to in vivo results and ultimately into cures for human disease.  With a keen focus on clinically-relevant…

Cardinal Systems

91, avenue de la République 75011 Paris, France

Cardinal Systems is a full service CRO with added-value in International Project Management, Regulatory statistics, Methodology and Technology. In line with the Critical Path Initiative (FDA) and the Road Map to 2010 (EMEA), Cardinal Systems proposes innovative designs and robust technology to optimise new drug development for unmet medical needs. Cardinal Systems offers clinical trial management with high added-value since 1996 to pharmaceutical industries, biotechnologies and governmental and…