11-24 22:29
US research hospital strarts the clinical trial of Body-Machine Interface for Recovering Muscle Control
11-24 22:16
The Belgian Society of Medical Oncology started a study to examine the value of Broad Agnostic Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panel Testing Versus Reimbursed Organ-directed NGS
11-24 21:59
Health care organization studies the Effect of Menstrual Phase Endometrial Scratch
11-24 21:42
New guidance issued on policies to protect populations in vulnerable situations in context of COVID-19
11-24 21:37
Health workers at risk, older adults and residents of long-term care facilities to be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination
11-24 21:33
FDA Expands Approval of Influenza Treatment to Post-Exposure Prevention
11-24 21:29
Knowledge brokering platform launched to support health systems in the African region
11-24 21:25
WHO and experts call for urgent action to safely resume immunization services amid COVID-19 pandemic
11-24 18:04
FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Rare Metabolic Disorder
11-24 17:45
French pharmaceutical company conducts the study to compare the efficacy of GNS561 versus standard of care in patients with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
11-24 17:43
Italian University implementes the PREP2 Algorithm into clinical practice
11-24 17:38
The University Medical Center started a new clinical trial of fluorescence molecular endoscopy in locally advanced Rectal Cancer
11-24 17:35
Ghent University Hospital investigates the Intestinal Microbiota in Prostate Cancer Patients as a Biomarker for Radiation-INduced Toxicity
11-23 20:46
Norwegian University Hospital starts a clinical trial of the efficacy of goal focused, non-pharmacological treatment for persons with ADHD/ADD
11-23 20:39
Lausanne University Hospital studies the Anti-HAV Seroprevalence of Travelers or Having Lived in a Tropical Country
11-23 20:36
Nonprofit Nebraskan healthcare organization started the De-Escalation Protocol Of HPV Mediated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
11-23 20:31
PAHO study finds major gaps in countries’ actions to prevent violence against children and adolescents in the Americas
11-23 20:26
Pharmaceutical company assesses the drug ABP-671 in patients with Gout or Hyperuricemia
11-23 20:20
HMA/EMA statement on approval of vaccines
11-23 20:15
Preventing the COVID-19 pandemic from causing an antibiotic resistance catastrophe
11-23 20:10
Private medical center started Real-life Cohort Study in Antiretroviral Treatment-naive Adults With HIV-1 Infection
11-23 20:06
Hannover Medical School is developing optimized psycho-oncological care through an Interdisciplinary Care Algorithm (OptiScreen)
11-23 18:21
WHO/Europe highlights how alcohol undermines sustainable development across the WHO European Region
11-23 18:00
FDA Releases New Outbreak Investigation Table
11-23 17:53
COVID-19 Travel Health Notice Levels and Testing for International Travelers

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