Physiogenex is an expert preclinical CRO for metabolic disorders based in Toulouse, France. For more than 15 years, we have been developing and using our expertise in metabolic diseases to provide reliable preclinical studies for the treatment of such pathologies. We develop innovative models for all metabolic diseases and their complications, as well as a wide range of tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of our clients’ drug candidates. Founded in 2003, Physiogenex has built its expertise in metabolic diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, NASH/fibrosis, diabetic nephropathy, inflammation, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases) over the years with a strong and dedicated team. Pioneers in the development of predictive animal nutritional models, our aim is to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical companies to optimize preclinical drug candidates’ studies and reduce the cost and time to market of new therapies. Based on its scientific skills and R&D program, Physiogenex is continuously developing new innovative animal models for metabolic disorders to offer optimized and innovative customized solutions to our clients. All our knowledge and scientific expertise are applied to provide our customers reliable and quality results.

Offices in France: 280 rue de l’Hers, ZAC de la Masquère, 31750 Escalquens

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