04-15 15:06
Childhood intussusception: 17-year experience at a tertiary referral centre in Hong Kong
04-15 15:06
Effects of sedatives on radiologic enema reduction in children with ileocolic intussusception: A systematic review and meta-analysis
04-15 15:02
The neural basis of somatosensory remapping develops in human infancy
04-15 14:44
Validation of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory to assess professional burnout in Spain
04-15 14:30
The role of oxytocin in social bonding, stress regulation and mental health: an update on the moderating effects of context and interindividual differences
04-15 14:30
Meeting the Challenge of Caring for Persons Living with Dementia and Their Care Partners and Caregivers: A Way Forward
04-15 14:04
National estimates of dietary fructose intake increased from 1977 to 2004 in the United States
04-15 13:59
Training strategy of explosive strength in young female volleyball players
04-15 13:23
Systematic review of outcomes and meta-analysis of risk factors for prognosis after liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma without cirrhosis
04-15 13:19
Asthma and adherence to inhaled corticosteroids: current status and future perspectives
04-15 13:19
Clinical and economic burden of severe asthma: A French cohort study
04-15 13:19
Cost-Effectiveness of Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Suppression Testing as an Adherence Screening Tool Among Patients With Difficult-to-Control Asthma
04-15 13:18
Institution-wide shape analysis of 3D spinal curvature and global alignment parameters
04-15 13:17
Combined Anterior Thoracic Vertebral Body Tethering and Posterior Lumbar Tethering Results in Quicker Return to Sport and Activity Compared to Posterior Spinal Instrumented Fusion in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
04-15 13:08
Intra- and inter-rater reliability of Fugl-Meyer Assessment of Upper Extremity in stroke
04-15 13:08
Repeated measurements of arm joint passive range of motion after stroke: interobserver reliability and sources of variation
04-15 13:04
Mirror syndrome: a systematic review of fetal associated conditions, maternal presentation and perinatal outcome
04-15 13:04
Spectrum and outcome of prenatally diagnosed fetal tumors
04-12 14:29
The effectiveness of immersive virtual reality (VR) based mindfulness training on improvement mental-health in adults: A narrative systematic review
04-12 14:24
Educational and health services innovation to improve care for rural Hispanic communities in the USA
04-12 14:21
Pramipexole Enhances Reward Learning by Preserving Value Estimates
04-12 14:21
Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists
04-12 14:13
Long-Term Evolution of Premature Coronary Artery Disease
04-12 14:08
Mitogens are increased in the systemic circulation during bone callus healing
04-12 14:08
Clusterin regulates β-amyloid toxicity via Dickkopf-1-driven induction of the wnt-PCP-JNK pathway

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