List of Contract Research Organizations starting with "i"

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    Innovate Research

    Innovate Research stands as a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the dynamic field of clinical research, established in January 2014 With a strategic presence across the globe, our offices ar...

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    iNGENū CRO

    iNGENū is the FDA-centric Australian CRO championing disruptive, innovative biotech firms globally. Our core mission is to create access to high quality clinical research globally, for early to mid-stage biotechs by removing financial and other unnec...

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    Intrials is a disruptive company with all the attributes a CRO must master. Since 1999, we are helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to make possible and regulate clinical research, as we combine objectives with expertise, possibilities...

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    Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Ltd.

    Our vision is HEALTHY DATA. We manage and analyze data in clinical research projects, which we also help to organize. We have developed our own solution for data collection, namely the so-called electronic-data-capture system CLADE-IS, which co...

Contract Research Organizations starting with "i" in alphabetical order