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Allphase Clinical Research

Phone: 613.287.0366, 877.223.1990

Fax: 613.287.0367

E-mail:[email protected]


Allphase Clinical Research is a full-service, progressive, Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing high quality clinical development strategy and management services for early-stage to post-market programs. Allphase was founded with the mandate to become a highly trusted development partner providing intelligent, comprehensive and cost efficient options, and the highest quality product. We have achieved this through careful project team selection, a robust infrastructure, and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients. Therapeutic product development is risky business, but much of the risk can be averted by selecting development partners that provide expert-level knowledge, experience, strategy, and support, and of course, who have a track record of success. Allphase is dedicated to reducing the risks associated with therapeutic product development while enhancing the impact of marketed therapeutics. Our highly effective team members are experts in drug development, regulatory requirements, and clinical trial management and have an unparalleled track record of success. Allphase is known throughout the industry for Exceeding Your Expectations

Office in Canada: Gateway Business Park,301-320 March Road,Ottawa, ON K2K 2E3

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