DreamKit Respiratory Effort Signal Validation Study


The research company Philips Clinical & Medical Affairs Global is conducting the clinical trial DreamKit Respiratory Effort Signal Validation.

This study has been developed in order to demonstrate the validity of the DreamKit respiratory effort signal.

It is planned to include 10 participants.

Actual study start date is June 2021. The researchers expect to complete the study by September 2021.

One primary outcome measure is Breath amplitude correlation, The primary endpoint is the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) of the peak-to-peak breath amplitude sequences extracted from the DreamKit and esophageal manometry respiratory effort signals during periods of occluded inspiration, end-expiratory breath holds, increased inspiratory resistance, increased expiratory resistance, and unresisted shallow breathing.

The location of the study and the inclusion/exclusion criteria can be found here: https://ichgcp.net/clinical-trials-registry/NCT04926077.

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