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    • NCT02054182
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection; Pneumonia; Bronchiolitis
    • NCT02053402
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Persistent Asthma
    • NCT02454205
      Active, not recruiting
      Conditions: Tuberculosis; Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis; Extensively-drug Resistant Tuberculosis
    • NCT00639145
      Conditions: HIV Infections; HIV Positive; Pregnant Women
    • NCT01772628
      Unknown status
      Conditions: Delay in Sexual Debut Among Adolescents; Knowledge About Condom Use; Parent-child Communication, Frequency and Quality
    • NCT01255371
      Conditions: HIV
    • NCT00213018
      Conditions: HIV Infections; Chlamydia Trachomatis; Neisseria Gonorrhoeae; Trichomonas Vaginitis; Syphilis