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Phone: 385, 1, 290, 22, 00

Fax: 385, 1, 290, 22, 88

E-mail:[email protected]


Altiora is a mid-sized Contract Research Organisation (CRO), driven by successful organic growth. • has been developing its expertise for almost 20 years, working on local and large international projects in the EU countries. • has a team comprised of trained and experienced professionals, focused on providing high quality services, without the high fixed costs of a conventional large full service CRO. • provides a comprehensive array of clinical trial management services. Our expertise includes the following services: - Medical Writing - Medical Affairs - Clinical Operations - Regulatory Affairs - Pharmacovigilance - Quality Assurance & Training - Technology - Consultations ALLIANCES - Data Management - Central ECG & Respiratory reading - Central Lab - ePRO - Pre-clinical Research Modelling, Chemistry, Bio-analysis and Toxicology

Office in Croatia: Zagreb, NovaČka 335,Postcode: 10040

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