10-21 17:20
Hungarian hospital starts a clinical trial of long term effect of trimodal prehabilitation compared to ERAS in colorectal cancer surgery
10-21 16:47
World Hypertension Day 2020 was observed with an informative webinar and new practical resources for all
10-21 16:41
Australian leader in clinical services conducts retrospective study
10-21 16:12
On the path to better sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents in Kazakhstan
10-21 15:55
10th ESVAC report shows continued decrease in sales of veterinary antibiotics
10-20 17:14
The regional council in Sweden encourage enrollment into clinical trial of Bowel Dysfunction
10-20 17:05
COVID-19 ushers in decades of change for nursing profession
10-20 16:42
French hospital continues the work of Japanese experts in colorectal ESD
10-20 16:35
Mobile laboratory expands testing capacity and outreach in Lesvos
10-20 15:58
The clinical trial of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide was started
10-19 17:12
FDA Reissues Emergency Use Authorization for Certain Non-NIOSH-Approved Filtering Face-Piece Respirators Manufactured in China
10-19 16:58
CMS Survey Data Illustrates Impact of COVID-19 on Medicare Beneficiaries’ Daily Life and Experiences
10-19 16:47
First long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy for HIV recommended for approval
10-19 16:36
FDA Warns that Using a Type of Pain and Fever Medication in Second Half of Pregnancy Could Lead to Complications
10-17 15:11
FDA Approves First Treatment for Ebola Virus
10-17 15:02
Handwashing an effective tool to prevent COVID-19, other diseases
10-17 14:56
New gene therapy to treat rare genetic disorder metachromatic leukodystrophy
10-17 14:45
Real-life Study Based on the French National Healthcare Data System
10-16 18:16
Battling COVID-19 in communities
10-16 17:49
First treatment for rare condition primary hyperoxaluria type 1
10-16 17:41
European Hematology Association is commencing recruitment for the clinical trial of Follicular Lymphoma
10-16 16:50
EMA cancer symposium: New approaches in patient-focused cancer medicine development
10-16 16:46
Governments across the WHO European Region contribute over US$ 749 million to the COVID-19 global response
10-16 16:39
WHO takes a position on genetically modified mosquitoes
10-15 16:44
NIH study aims to identify promising COVID-19 treatments for larger clinical trials

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