Aurum Clinical Research

We are a Site Management Organization whose sole purpose is to support the successful outcome of all clinical trials. We are constantly striving to identify and recruit experts in the field of Clinical Research. Dedicated to fulfill the emerging needs of the healthcare Industry and to successfully complete clinical studies quickly and with cost effectiveness. Our main objective is to support clinical trials through quality enrollment of appropriate patient population. We strongly believe that the Clinical Trials plays an important role in drug development. Ethical conduct of these trials is the key of accuracy, high-quality data that not only meets research and regulatory requirements but also satisfies our moral duties and responsibility to society . We provide qualified, pre-screened, Principal Investigators for participation of the clinical trials from all specialty area. We have a independent screening process and present only those Investigators who meets the specific selection criteria outlined by the Sponsors or CRO's. This eliminates a significant amount of time and expense while attempting to qualify, enroll, and initiate any site. It is an honour to say that the foundation of our success is the strength and commitment of our Investigators with the dedication of our trained and experienced Clinical Research Coordinators assisting the Investigators in preparation, conducting and successfully completion of trials. Our internal management and quality assurance practices assures that tasks are completed quickly and accurately and any problems that jeopardize the success of the study are quickly identified and resolved. There are always numerous variables and situations that arise during the conduct of a study that could compromise it’s outcome, and such kind of situation demands professionally experts, strong problem solving skills, and attention to detail to overcome those obstacles. We provide those experience by assigning a project manager to each study so that the study receives the full attention until its completion. We ensure timely and accurate regulatory board submission and data collection. We also provide the most effective communication between Sites, Investigators, and Customers.

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