Sekisui XenoTech

Sekisui XenoTech was founded to provide scientists and pharmaceutical researchers with the finest tools and resources needed to advance the development of safer drugs. We employ strict quality standards following well-developed and time-tested standard operating procedures to ensure the highest level of performance, saving you valuable time and money. It's through this unwavering dedication to sound science that we make sure our work is done right - the first time. At Sekisui XenoTech, we are committed to satisfying not just your company's needs, but also the expectations of the FDA or any global regulatory agency that might review our reports and scientific opinions.

Our wealth of experience and expertise, our understanding of the latest regulatory guidance and industry whitepapers and our commitment to research and development has made Sekisui XenoTech a trusted partner and expert consultant to 39 of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as numerous biotech; small, medium and virtual pharma; and other organizations.

Sekisui XenoTech's strong reputation for high quality in vitro drug metabolism studies attracted the attention of Sekisui, who became our parent company in August, 2008. This alignment has allowed us to offer a much wider range of services to accelerate drug development, including the areas of in vivo ADME, Drug Metabolism, Transporters and Drug-Drug Interactions.

As a premier provider of in vitro drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction studies to pharmaceutical companies worldwide, we have unparalleled experience in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes. Core capabilities include Enzyme Inhibition, Enzyme Induction, Drug Metabolism, Drug Transport and Analytical Services.

Offices in United States: 1101 West Cambridge Circle Dr. Kansas City, KS 66103

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