VectorB2B in Portugal


Phone:+351 21 097 6863


  • Avenida da Liberdade, 258, 6º andar 1254-149, Lisboa, Portugal

About VectorB2B

VectorB2B is a full-service CRO with privileged access to a broad network of clinical sites in Portugal and recognized KOLs across different therapeutic areas. 

The collaborative network of academic and industrial partners within the Portuguese Health sector framework ensures VectorB2B the flexibility and competitiveness of a small organization along with the experience of a global CRO.

As a full-service CRO, our solutions include all the activities from study design, setting up and monitoring of clinical trials and research studies, up to data management and biostatistics, pharmacovigilance and risk management. These services cover the entire development life cycle of introducing new therapeutics and medical devices into the market.

Our scientific expertise and experience across different designs span from Clinical Trials Phases I-IV to non-Interventional Studies, Real-World Evidence Projects, and investigational studies for medical devices. We also provide medical writing, regulatory consultancy/ services, including content and submission with a team of regulatory experts in following the FDA and European agency guidelines.  

VectorB2B is your CRO partner in supporting your product or device. We develop high-quality flexible solutions for your clinical study program that ensure effective development and fast regulatory approval of your product. 

If you are planning to perform a clinical study, do not hesitate to get in touch!