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CEPHA s.r.o. - Center for Pharmacology and Analysis - has been founded in 1992 by a group of scientists with extensive experience in clinical research, pharmacology, statistics, analytical chemistry and regulatory affairs as the first independent, privately held Contract Research Organization (CRO) in former Czechoslovakia. Since early 1993, the company came into operation, CEPHA has established its reputation for conducting high-quality, time and cost effective bioequivalence and bioavailability studies. In May 2000, the company has moved to new facility in Pilsen with 1000 m2 Phase I Clinic, Bioanalytical laboratory and headquarters offices. In May 2004, both the lab and clinical facilities have been enlarged up to 1300 m2 in total. In October 2008, the second clinical unit with 6 hospital beds for Phase I trials was launched. Currently, CEPHA is the leading CRO in the Czech Republic providing a broad range of clinical research services. When you work with us, you enjoy the personal attention of local CRO staff paid to every detail of your project hand-in-hand with the procedures, technologies and reporting of globally oriented company.

Office in Switzerland: Sulista GmbH, St. Jakobstrasse 2, CH-4147 Aesch/BL

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