12-08 18:32
Strategic partnerships for global health: Luxembourg and WHO convene strategic dialogue
12-08 18:27
Albania engages with journalists for accurate reporting on COVID-19
12-08 18:22
What are countries doing to make their citizens more active? New country factsheets and reports show what works
12-08 18:17
WHO launches year-long campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco
12-08 17:53
PAHO and ECLAC seek to improve the supply of medical products during emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean
12-08 17:35
NIH-funded tool helps organizations plan COVID-19 testing
12-08 17:27
G20 First-time Released Report on Digital Health Interventions for Pandemic Management
12-08 17:21
Colorectal Cancer in Crohn's Disease clinical trial begins in Italy
12-08 17:18
US medical school conducts a study of AffloVest in At-Risk Respiratory Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic
12-08 17:08
Austrian association keeps a Lung Cancer Registry
12-08 17:01
US pharmaceutical company evaluates a Renal Function in Subjects Who Had Undergone Cardiac Surgery
12-07 18:16
French Cancer Centre conducts clinical trial of Omic Technologies to Track Resistance to Palbociclib in Metastatic Breast Cancer
12-07 18:13
Earol Madrid Study begins in Spain
12-07 18:10
Islamic Advisory Group reiterates commitment to polio eradication amid COVID-19 pandemic
12-07 18:03
Work commences on US$1.3 million SMART upgrade to Port Antonio Health Centre to withstand climate change
12-07 17:57
WHO announces development of new guidance on Hepatitis C self-testing
12-07 17:30
Spanish Hospital started clinical trial of CAR T-cells Against CD30 (HSP-CAR30) for Relapsed/ Refractory Hodgkin and T-cell Lymphoma
12-07 17:27
LMU Klinikum keeps German Registry for Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Interventions
12-07 17:22
German University is undertaking a Facilitating Motor Skill Learning by Aerobic Training in Parkinson's Disease III study
12-07 17:09
French University Hospital conducts clinical trial of Simple Knee Value, a Simple Score for Functional Assessment of the Knee
12-07 06:00
Neurofeedback Effectiveness Trial in PTSD begins in Canada
12-07 05:46
Michigan State University is examining the Active Ingredients of Consultation to Improve Implementation of a Parent-mediated Intervention for Children With Autism in the Community Mental Health System
12-07 05:38
VerifyNow to Optimise Platelet Inhibition in Coronary Acute Syndrome clinical trials begins in Spain
12-07 05:29
Germany university is undertaking a Effects of Interventions and Lifestyle Modifications in Integrative Medicine and the Course of Infectious Respiratory Diseases study
12-07 05:21
University Hospital conducts a Sequential Analysis Before and After Treatment Initiation to Unravel the Role of Naturally Occurring Extracellular Vesicles in HIV Infection

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