09-08 18:57
Trial of SVTampons vs Glass Vaginal Dilators in treatment of vaginismus
09-08 18:51
The study of the effect of a single Virtual Reality Exposure on depressive symptoms (Veovita-VR)
09-08 18:44
The study of TCMCB07 for the treatment of cancer cachexia
09-08 18:34
The study of Eribulin and Trastuzumab-biosimilar in patients with HER2-overexpressed recurrent or stage IV breast cancer
09-08 18:09
The study of effect of smart watch and App on PAP Adherence in obstructive sleep apnea
09-08 18:02
The study of the effect of Guayusa herbal extract on alertness and mental fatigue
09-08 17:56
The study of effects of a supplement based on sea urchin eggs with echinochroma A on long-COVID patients
09-06 18:00
The study of effects of Zinc intervention in elderly for prevention of pneumonia
09-06 16:53
A study of SCR-6920 capsule in patients with advanced malignant tumors
09-06 16:46
The study of atropine therapeutic effect on myopic progression in children
09-06 16:41
A study of Ripasudil (K-321) eye drops after cataract surgery
09-02 12:05
The study of ALMB-0166 in patients with acute spinal cord injury
09-02 11:14
The study of BTL-785F Device for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles
09-02 11:09
Study of DYNE-251 for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy amenable to Exon 51 Skipping
09-02 11:01
Clinical trial of efficacy and safety of ES16001 in patients with COVID-19
09-02 10:24
The study to evaluate shockwave therapy in combination platelet rich plasma to treat erectile dysfunction in diabetic men
09-02 10:15
The study of cabergoline as a preventive treatment for chronic migraine
09-02 10:10
The study of safety and efficacy of YZJ-1139 in insomnia disorder
09-02 09:49
The study of new immunotherapeutic agent DF19001 for HDM allergic rhinitis patients
09-02 09:43
The study of QRX003 Lotion in subjects with Netherton Syndrome
09-02 09:32
The study to evaluate short Illumination photodynamic therapy of actinic keratosis using the Dermaris ®
09-02 09:25
The study to evaluate effect of NutraHeal™ or NutraHeal Plus™ on recovery from foot surgery
09-01 21:59
An open-label extension study of XPro1595 in patients with Alzheimer's Disease
09-01 21:53
A study of HNC364 injectable suspension in patients with Parkinson's disease
09-01 21:49
A study of brepocitinib in adults with active non-infectious non-anterior uveitis

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