09-04 15:03
PRAC recommends revoking marketing authorisation of ulipristal acetate for uterine fibroids
09-03 15:24
African countries engaging in ground-breaking COVID-19 vaccine initiative
09-02 15:10
FDA Provides Guidance to Industry for Detecting and Preventing Nitrosamines in Drugs
09-02 15:06
The Region of the Americas accounts for majority of new COVID-19 deaths worldwide
09-02 15:03
EMA receives application for marketing authorisation of Dexamethasone Taw for COVID-19
09-02 14:59
Unleashing the potential of vaccines for a healthier Europe
09-02 14:54
NIH-supported study to track prevalence and impact of SARS-CoV-2 among pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries
09-02 14:49
New Research Shows Promise of Telehealth in Treating Opioid Use Disorder
09-01 15:20
National Regulatory Authorities from the Americas participate in the discussion on the WHO SOLIDARITY clinical trial and the WHO Emergency Use Listing
09-01 15:16
FDA Approves First-of-its-Kind Automated Insulin Delivery and Monitoring System for Use in Young Pediatric Patients
09-01 15:11
People with intellectual and developmental disabilities disproportionately affected by COVID-19
08-31 13:51
Taking the measure of mental health in a pandemic
08-31 13:46
In WHO global pulse survey, 90% of countries report disruptions to essential health services since COVID-19 pandemic
08-28 13:55
PAHO Strategic Fund minimizes disruption of critical medications and supplies during COVID-19
08-28 13:51
Inaugural meeting of Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development takes place
08-28 13:46
CDC’s Tips® campaign led 1 million U.S. adults to quit smoking during 2012–2018
08-28 13:40
World Mental Health Day: an opportunity to kick-start a massive scale-up in investment in mental health
08-26 12:59
Push for stronger health systems as Africa battles COVID-19
08-26 12:54
WHO/Europe to establish a mental health coalition to support system reforms and COVID-19 recovery
08-26 12:50
How Laws and Policies Can Help Families Overcome Barriers to Breastfeeding
08-25 15:47
FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Convalescent Plasma as Potential Promising COVID–19 Treatment, Another Achievement in Administration’s Fight Against Pandemic
08-25 15:40
Odor-sensing cells in nose seen as key entry point for SARS-CoV-2
08-25 15:32
Africa eradicates wild poliovirus
08-25 15:29
PAHO asks countries to ensure prenatal checks due to increased risk of severe COVID-19 in pregnant women
08-25 15:24
Hostilities and a global pandemic: a two-fold challenge for eastern Ukraine

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