Danish University starts a clinical trial of Exercise and Neuroprotection in Older Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

Photo by Yulissa Tagle

The University of Aarhus is starting a new clinical trial of Exercise and Neuroprotection in Older Persons With Multiple Sclerosis.

The study seeks to investigate whether 24 weeks of power training has neuroprotective effects in older PwMS. Additional purposes are to examine whether older PwMS have blunted exercise adaptations, compared to age- and gender-matched healthy controls, and to investigate whether the potential effects of power training are maintained after 24 weeks of follow-up.

It is planned to include 120 participants.

Actual study start date is December 7, 2020. The researchers expect to complete the study by March 2024.

One primary outcome measure is Percentage brain volume change, Whole brain atrophy will be measured from MRI-scans.

Among the inclusion criteria are:

  • Clinical MS diagnosis according to the McDonald criteria (only applicable for PwMS)
  • EDSS ≤6.5 (only applicable for PwMS)
  • Able to transport themselves to the testing sessions in Aarhus
  • Able to transport themselves to training, if randomized to the training group

Among the exclusion criteria are:

  • Comprise comorbidities (cardiovascular-, respiratory-, orthopedic- or other neurological diseases
  • Pacemaker
  • Metallic implant that prevents MRI scans
  • Participation in structured RT or power training for the past 3 months (> 1 session per week)
  • Cognitive impairments (The participant is not able to understand and follow training- and testing instructions)

The location of the study is as follows (further details can be found here https://ichgcp.net/clinical-trials-registry/NCT04762342) Aarhus, Denmark.

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