European Hematology Association is commencing recruitment for the clinical trial of Follicular Lymphoma

Lymphoma Group from European Hematology Association works towards personalized medicine for refractory/relapsed follicular lymphoma patients: the Cantera/Lupiae Registry.

The optimal treatment strategy in patients with early progressive disease is not well known. In recent years, novel insights into the biology of Follicular Lymphoma (FL), and especially the role of the microenvironment, have resulted in the development of multiple novel treatment modalities. These new agents may ultimately improve the outlook for patients with FL with an unfavorable course, but for the development of the optimal therapeutic strategy, knowledge on the clinical and biological determinants of early refractory FL is needed.

Patients with histologically confirmed follicular lymphoma are registered in the study at the time of the first event after first line treatment. Registration will be done on-line on a key restricted accessible web-database. Every registered case has to undergo histopathology review by a panel of experts.

The clinical trial started on May 22, 2019. The target follow-up duration is 5 years.

The most important for evaluating the effect of this treatment is rate of Progression of disease within 24 months from start of second line treatment (second POD24). Second POD24 is defined as the rate of progression of disease at 24 months after the second line treatment.

Patients with initial diagnosis of follicular lymphoma, refractory/relapsed/transformed after first line therapy can be enrolled into this study.

Among sponsors and collaborators are Lymphoma Group (European Hematology Association), Associazione Angela Serra per la ricerca sul cancro and Academisch Medisch Centrum - Universiteit van Amsterdam (AMC-UvA).

The researchers are recruiting the patients in Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

The link to the study details:

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