UK University Hospitals build the NoRCoRP platform

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is enrolling patients into the clinical trial investigating NoRCoRP Assessment Clinic (NoRCoRP).

The main overarching aim of this study is to build a research clinic, as part of the NoRCoRP platform covering Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to facilitate learning and research in the whole population of patients who have had COVID-19.

The severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) pandemic, has affected over 13 million people, and caused significant worldwide mortality and morbidity. Frequent long-term respiratory complications include persistent breathlessness and fatigue, with potential for ongoing organising pneumonia and new pulmonary fibrosis as well as thromboembolic disease. Additional features seen in at least some patients post hospital include impaired musculoskeletal function, impaired renal function, neurological impairment, cardiac dysfunction and significant psychiatric morbidity.

The majority of patients with COVID-19 were not admitted to hospital, and the longer-term consequences of infection with SARS-CoV-2 in this much larger patient group are unknown. Whilst many patients had relatively mild disease and made a good recovery, a significant number have been left with symptoms similar to those who were admitted to hospital.

In setting up a post COVID-19 review clinic, researchers expect to generate new findings, support studies that have already been submitted for funding, to provide a focus for further grant funding, and to provide an infrastructure to support new clinical trials. We also expect the insights gained from research using this platform to be of value for service planning in the region and beyond. They will prioritise patients who were not admitted to hospital but who have been left with significant morbidity by establishing this new General Practitioner (GP) referral research clinic.

The study start date is December 3, 2020.

The trial is designed to enroll adults who have previous had a diagnosis of COVID-19 and have been referred into a post-COVID-19 outpatients clinic from primary care due to ongoing complications related to the COVID-19 diagnosis. and is being conducted in the Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

The patients that can be enrolled into this study include:

  • Adults (≥18 years) referred into the post COVID-19 outpatient clinic from primary care, following a swab, imaging or strong clinical diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • Adults discharged from hospital with a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 (who are not included in the PHOSP-COVID study).

This page provides a more detailed overview of this clinical trial:

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