Study to determine the range of chardonnay mark intake for improved metabolic and vascular response

illustrative imageThe company University of California, Davis is enrolling patients into the clinical trial investigating Chardonnay Marc and Vascular Response.

This study aims to obtain data on the potential influence of Vine to Bar product(s) containing Chardonnay marc on cardiometabolic health. These initial studies will inform the design and timing of data collection for future dietary intervention trials that will examine the influence of Chardonnay marc intake on outcomes/biomarkers of both cardiometabolic health and the gut microbiome. This includes collecting data on the potential differences in response to the products based on the unique food matrix for each of the products that will be tested. Moreover, as there is a paucity of data on the influence of cocoa flavanol intake on vascular function beyond 4 hours post intake, the response of the selected outcomes will be assessed after 6 hours of flavanol intake. This is a time point that captures the increased circulating presence of microbial derived flavanol metabolites.

The trial is designed to enroll Male 30 Years to 50 Years and is being conducted in the Academic Surge, University of California, Davis, California, United States.

The patients that can be enrolled into this study include those having at screening or Visit 1 Reactive Hyperemia Index (RHI; EndoPAT 2000)  < 2.0; willing and able to comply with the study protocols; willing to participate in all study procedures, and having BMI 25.0 - 35 kg/m2.

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