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07-05 11:07
The clinical trial of programed intermittent epidural bolus Interval 90 (EI90)
07-05 10:57
Comparison of virtual reality vs. mirror therapy in stroke patients
07-05 10:43
The study of masitinib in patients with multiple sclerosis
07-05 10:31
Study of VB119 in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
07-05 09:34
The study of direct current neuromuscular electrical stimulation for peripheral neuropathy
07-05 09:23
Evaluation Using FAPI-PET Targeting Cancer-associated Fibroblasts
06-27 16:32
Study of MCARH109 and MCARH125 in people with multiple myeloma
06-27 15:49
The study of the effect of sulphur mineral thermal water in plaque psoriasis
06-24 15:58
The study of RLS103 in subjects with acute anxiety within social anxiety disorder
06-23 20:32
A Phase 2 Study of IkT-148009 in Untreated Parkinson's Disease
06-23 20:27
The study of anti-suicidal effects of buprenorphine in depressed individuals
06-21 16:10
Study of a single intra-articular injection of EVI-01 for the treatment of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis
06-21 16:04
A study of NanoLithium® NP03 in mild-to-severe Alzheimer's Disease patients
06-21 16:01
Transspinal stimulation with blood flow restricted exercise via Telehealth for tetraplegia
06-21 15:44
The clinical study of microneedling for burn hypertrophic scars
06-21 15:37
Study of MB-102 (Relmapirazin) and MediBeacon transdermal GFR measurement system for the evaluation of kidney function
06-21 15:28
The study of LinEr (ENABLE) System for Socket Fit Assessment in lower limb amputees (LLA)
06-21 15:20
Pediatric study of fludarabine, abatacept, and sirolimus immunosuppression for for high-risk thalassemia patients
06-16 16:00
The TOPIC Study: Treatment of Pneumocystitis in COPD
06-16 15:54
The study of GEN-001 with Avelumab for PD-L1 Positive Gastric Cancer
06-16 15:41
The study of Lamotrigine and Bupropion for Meniere's Disease
06-16 15:37
The study of protective role of Pre-/ Post-biotics in Rett syndrome
06-16 15:32
A clinical trial of autologous muscle derived cells for treatment of tongue dysphagia
06-16 15:25
The clinical trial to evaluate the effect of playful cognitive-motor mobility training to prevent of falls in seniors
06-16 15:19
The study of 4 mg of ITI-3000 in polyomavirus-positive Merkel Cell Carcinoma

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