Communication Training for Caregivers In Advanced Care Planning

Communication Training for Caregivers to Promote Advanced Care Planning


Patrocinador principal: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Fuente Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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The purpose of this research study is to develop and test a new communication training to help caregivers communicate more effectively with their loved ones and healthcare professionals about advanced care planning.

Estado general Recruiting
Fecha de inicio November 19, 2019
Fecha de Terminación November 2021
Fecha de finalización primaria October 2021
Tipo de estudio Observational
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Medida Periodo de tiempo
preliminary efficacy 1 year
Inscripción 20

Tipo de intervención: Other

Nombre de intervención: Questionnaires

Descripción: Will be filled out before and after the training so investigators can evaluate the skills learned and how they can be used them in advanced care planning. Questionnaires will be available in both paper form and electronic via REDCap.

Etiqueta de grupo de brazo: informal cancer caregivers (IC)

Tipo de intervención: Other

Nombre de intervención: Communication training

Descripción: 3.5 hour Communication Training will be delivered through videoconferencing using the WebEx or Zoom platforms. Prior to the training, caregivers will also be sent a handout explaining the concept of roleplays as well as the caregiver blueprint which will list and explain the sets of strategies and skills they will learn during the training. ICs will also be sent a set of advanced care planning forms (DNR, healthcare proxy, etc.) which are used as models for this training.

Etiqueta de grupo de brazo: informal cancer caregivers (IC)


Método de muestreo: Non-Probability Sample


Inclusion Criteria:

Informal caregivers:

- current self-reported informal cancer caregivers (IC) to a patient with recurrent GBM as per clinician judgment or as per EMR

- English fluency: Self-report by participant identifying English as the preferred language for healthcare, and self-reported degree of fluency as speaking English "Very well."

- age ≥ 18

- has access to a computer or smartphone with a webcam and internet connection


- English-speaking as per EMR

- Able to provide informed consent, a determination that will be made in assistance with the patient's medical team.

Exclusion Criteria:

- None

Género: All

Edad mínima: 18 Years

Edad máxima: N/A

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Allison Applebaum, PhD Principal Investigator Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Apellido: Allison Applebaum, PhD

Teléfono: 646-888-0034

Email: [email protected]

Instalaciones: Estado: Contacto: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Allison Applebaum, PhD 646-888-0034
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United States

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July 2020

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Grupo de brazo

Etiqueta: informal cancer caregivers (IC)

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Modelo de observación: Cohort

Perspectiva de tiempo: Prospective