Enroll -HD: A Prospective Registry Study in a Global Huntington's Disease Cohort

Enroll -HD: A Prospective Registry Study in a Global Huntington's Disease Cohort


Lead Sponsor: CHDI Foundation, Inc.

Source CHDI Foundation, Inc.
Brief Summary

Enroll-HD is a longitudinal, observational, multinational study that integrates two former Huntington's disease (HD) registries—REGISTRY in Europe, and COHORT in North America and Australasia—while also expanding to include sites in Latin America. More than 20,000 participants have now enrolled into the study. With annual assessments and no end date, Enroll-HD has built a large and rich database of longitudinal clinical data and biospecimens that form the basis for studies developing tools and biomarkers for progression and prognosis, identifying clinically-relevant phenotypic characteristics, and establishing clearly defined endpoints for interventional studies. Periodic cuts of the database are now available to any interested researcher to use in their research - visit www.enroll-hd.org/for-researchers/access-data/ to learn more.

Detailed Description

The primary objective of Enroll-HD is to develop a comprehensive repository of prospective and systematically collected clinical research data (demography, clinical features, family history, genetic characteristics) and biological specimens (blood) from individuals with manifest HD, unaffected individuals known to carry the HD mutation or at risk of carrying the HD mutation, and control research participants (e.g., spouses, siblings or offspring of HD mutation carriers known not to carry the HD mutation). Enroll-HD is conceived as a broad-based and long-term project to maximize the efficiencies of non-clinical research and participation in clinical research. With 158 active clinical sites in 19 countries, Enroll-HD is now the largest HD database available and is accessible to any interested researcher - visit www.enroll-hd.org/for-researchers/access-data/ to learn more.

Overall Status Recruiting
Start Date July 2012
Completion Date January 2062
Primary Completion Date January 2062
Study Type Observational [Patient Registry]
Enrollment 20000

Sampling Method: Non-Probability Sample


Inclusion Criteria:

- Carriers: This group comprises the primary study population and consists of individuals who carry the HD gene expansion mutation.

- Controls: This group comprises the comparator study population and consists of individuals who do not carry the HD expansion mutation.

These two major categories can be further subdivided into six different subgroups of eligible individuals:

- Manifest/Motor-manifest HD: Carriers with clinical features that are regarded in the opinion of the investigator as diagnostic of HD.

- Pre-Manifest/-Motor-manifest HD: Carriers without clinical features regarded as diagnostic of HD.

- Genotype Unknown: This group includes a first or second degree relative (i.e., related by blood to a carrier) who has not undergone predictive testing for HD and therefore has an undetermined carrier status.

- Genotype Negative: This group includes a first or second degree relative (i.e., related by blood to a carrier) who has undergone predictive testing for HD and is known not to carry the HD expansion mutation.

- Family Control: Family members or individuals not related by blood to carriers (e.g., spouses, partners, caregivers).

- Community Controls: Individuals unrelated to HD carriers who did not grow up in a family affected by HD. Data collected from community controls will be used for generation of normative data for sub-studies.

Participant status will be captured in the study database using 2 variables: 1) Investigator Determined Status: this will be based on clinical signs and symptoms and genotyping performed as part of medical care, and will be updated at every visit; and 2) Research Genotyping Status: this will be based on genotyping conducted as part of Enroll-HD study procedures. Based on research genotyping, participants will be reclassified under this variable from Genotype Unknown to 'Carriers' or 'Controls'. Investigators and participants will be blinded to this reclassification.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Individuals who do not meet inclusion criteria,

- Individuals with choreic movement disorders in the context of a negative test for the HD gene mutation.

- For Community Controls: those individuals with a major central nervous system disorder will be excluded (e.g. stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

Participants under 18 may be eligible to participate (if they have juvenile-onset HD).

Gender: All

Minimum Age: 18 Years

Maximum Age: N/A

Healthy Volunteers: Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Overall Official
Overall Contact

Last Name: Noopur Modi

Email: [email protected]

Facility: Status: Contact: Contact Backup: Investigator:
University of Alabama | Birmingham, Alabama, 35294, United States Recruiting Jenna Smith 205-996-2807 [email protected] Victor Sung, MD Principal Investigator Sara Perez Sub-Investigator
St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center | Phoenix, Arizona, 85013, United States Recruiting Ryan Heeney 602-406-3823 [email protected] Nicki Niemann Principal Investigator
University of California - Irvine Medical Center | Irvine, California, 92697, United States Recruiting Zeeshan Qadri 949-824-3485 [email protected] Neal Hermanowicz Principal Investigator
Loma Linda Medical Center | Loma Linda, California, 92354, United States Terminated
University of California - Los Angeles | Los Angeles, California, 90095, United States Recruiting Aaron Fisher 909-558-2037 [email protected] Susan Perlman Principal Investigator Yvette Bordelon Sub-Investigator
University of California - Davis | Sacramento, California, 95817, United States Recruiting Rebecca Craig 916-734-3541 [email protected] Alexandra "Sasha" Duffy Sub-Investigator Vicki Wheelock Principal Investigator
University of California - San Diego | San Diego, California, 92037, United States Recruiting Chase Snell 858-249-0569 [email protected] Jody Corey-Bloom Principal Investigator
University of California - San Francisco | San Francisco, California, 94158, United States Recruiting Julia Glueck 415-502-7640 [email protected] Michael Geschwind Principal Investigator
Rocky Mountain Movement Disorder Center | Englewood, Colorado, 80113, United States Recruiting Liza Heap 303-762-6674 [email protected] Rajeev Kumar, MD Principal Investigator
University of Connecticut | Farmington, Connecticut, 06032, United States Recruiting Robin Browne 860-679-4418 [email protected] Glenn Konopaske Principal Investigator
Georgetown University | Washington, District of Columbia, 20007, United States Recruiting Robin Kuprewicz 202-687-0279 [email protected] Karen Anderson Principal Investigator
University of Florida Board of Trustees | Gainesville, Florida, 32607, United States Recruiting Stephen Gullet 352-273-6003 [email protected] Nikolaus McFarland, MD, PHD Principal Investigator
University of South Florida, HDSA Center of Excellence at USF | Tampa, Florida, 33612, United States Recruiting Kolleen (Kelly) Elliott 813-974-6022 [email protected] Juan Sanchez-Ramos, MD Principal Investigator
Emory University, Wesley Woods Health Center | Atlanta, Georgia, 30329, United States Recruiting Elaine Sperin 404-728-4786 [email protected] Stewart Factor Principal Investigator
Georgia Health Sciences University | Augusta, Georgia, 30912, United States Terminated
University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois, 60637, United States Terminated
Rush University Medical Center | Chicago, Illinois, 68612, United States Recruiting Jacob Hawkins 312-563-5563 [email protected] Deborah A. Hall Principal Investigator
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford | Rockford, Illinois, 61107, United States Terminated
Indiana University | Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202, United States Recruiting Andrea Hurt 317-963-7449 [email protected] Christopher James Principal Investigator
University of Iowa | Iowa City, Iowa, 52245, United States Recruiting Alane Tranel 319-335-1611 [email protected] David Moser Principal Investigator
University of Kansas Medical Center | Kansas City, Kansas, 66160, United States Recruiting Carolyn Gray 913-588-6983 [email protected] Richard Dubinksy, MD Principal Investigator
Hereditary Neurological Disease Center | Wichita, Kansas, 67226, United States Recruiting Gregory Suter 316-609-3020 [email protected] William Mallonee, MD Principal Investigator
University of Louisville | Louisville, Kentucky, 40202, United States Recruiting Annette Robinson 502-540-3585 [email protected] Victoria Holiday Principal Investigator
University of Maryland School of Medicine | Baltimore, Maryland, 21201, United States Terminated
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, Maryland, 21287, United States Recruiting Jacqueline V Bran 410-614-9483 [email protected] Jee Bang Principal Investigator Christopher Ross Sub-Investigator
Boston University Medical Center | Boston, Massachusetts, 02118, United States Recruiting Raymond James 617-638-7745 [email protected] Marie-Saint Hillaire Principal Investigator
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center | Boston, Massachusetts, 02215, United States Recruiting Noah Allanoff 617-667-5215 [email protected] Samuel Frank Principal Investigator
University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105, United States Recruiting Chris Graves 734-764-0644 [email protected] Noelle Carlozzi Principal Investigator
Wayne State University | Detroit, Michigan, 48201, United States Terminated
Hennepin County Medical Center | Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55415, United States Recruiting Dawn Radtke 612-873-2943 [email protected] Martha Nance Principal Investigator
Washington University in St. Louis | Saint Louis, Missouri, 63110, United States Recruiting Stacey Barton 314-747-3258 [email protected] Joel Perlmutter Principal Investigator
University of Nebraska Medical Center | Omaha, Nebraska, 68106, United States Recruiting Nick Miller 402-552-6241 [email protected] Amy Hellman Principal Investigator
Cleveland Clinic - Las Vegas | Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102, United States Recruiting Liliana Dumitrescu 702-483-6016 [email protected] Zoltan Mari Principal Investigator
Cooper University Hospital | Camden, New Jersey, 08103, United States Active, not recruiting
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey | New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901, United States Recruiting Sheila Redding 732-235-7729 [email protected] Machteld Hillen Principal Investigator
Albany Medical College | Albany, New York, 12208, United States Recruiting Katy Regan 518-262-5938 [email protected] Era Hanspal, MD Principal Investigator Eric Molho Sub-Investigator
Columbia University | New York, New York, 10032, United States Recruiting Paula Wasserman 212-305-4597 [email protected] Karen Marder Principal Investigator Elan Louis Sub-Investigator Sarah Perez Sub-Investigator
University of Rochester | Rochester, New York, 14618, United States Recruiting Amy Chesire 585-341-7519 [email protected] Frederick Marshall Principal Investigator Kevin Biglan Sub-Investigator
Duke University | Durham, North Carolina, 27705, United States Recruiting McKenzie Luxmore 919-668-2840 [email protected] Burton Scott Principal Investigator Mark Stacy Sub-Investigator
Wake Forest School of Medicine | Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27157, United States Recruiting Asha Farmer 336-716-8364 [email protected] Frances Walker Principal Investigator
Sanford Health | Fargo, North Dakota, 58122, United States Recruiting Destini Spaeth 701-234-2474 [email protected] Tanya Harlow Principal Investigator
University of Cincinatti | Cincinnati, Ohio, 42519, United States Recruiting Jessica Doakja 513-558-0169 [email protected] Andrew Duker Principal Investigator
Cleveland Clinic | Cleveland, Ohio, 44195, United States Recruiting Joseph Johnson 216-444-9941 [email protected] Shnehal Pater Sub-Investigator Anwar Ahmad Principal Investigator
The Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio, 43021, United States Recruiting Allison Seward- Daley 614-688-8672 [email protected] Sandra Kostyk Principal Investigator
University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107, United States Recruiting Jennifer Klapper 215-829-5176 [email protected] Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, MD Principal Investigator
University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15213, United States Recruiting Patricia Conlon 412-692-2394 [email protected] Valerie Suski Principal Investigator
University of South Carolina | Columbia, South Carolina, 29203, United States Recruiting ALyson Grant 803-545-6104 [email protected] MIROSLAV CUTURIC Principal Investigator
University of Tennessee Health Science Center | Memphis, Tennessee, 38163, United States Terminated
Vanderbilt University Medical Center | Nashville, Tennessee, 37232, United States Recruiting Elizabeth Huitz 615-936-1007 [email protected] Daniel Claassen Principal Investigator
Baylor College of Medicine | Houston, Texas, 77030, United States Recruiting Christine Hunter 713-798-3951 [email protected] Joseph Jankovic Principal Investigator
University of Texas Health Science Center | Houston, Texas, 77030, United States Recruiting Jamie Sims 832-325-7107 [email protected] Erin Furr-Stimming Principal Investigator
University of Utah | Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108, United States Recruiting Paola Wall 801-581-4543 [email protected] Paolo Moretti Principal Investigator
University of Vermont | Burlington, Vermont, 05401, United States Recruiting Jasmine Marsh 802-847-1597 [email protected] James Boyd Principal Investigator
University of Virginia | Charlottesville, Virginia, 22908, United States Recruiting Dana Morrissey 434-297-5711 [email protected] Madaline Harrison Principal Investigator
Virginia Commonwealth University Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center | Henrico, Virginia, 23298, United States Recruiting Heather ward 804-382-0076 [email protected] Claudia Testa Principal Investigator Adam Rosenblatt Sub-Investigator
Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center (Evergreen Health) | Kirkland, Washington, 98034, United States Recruiting Carey Gonzales 425-899-5374 [email protected] Pinky Agarwal Principal Investigator
University of Washington Medical Center | Seattle, Washington, 98195, United States Recruiting Debra D Castillo 206-543-3647 [email protected] Ali Samii Principal Investigator Thomas Bird Sub-Investigator Suman Jayadev Sub-Investigator
Instituto de Neurociencias Buenos Aires (INEBA) | Buenos Aires, Argentina Recruiting Emilia Gatto [email protected] Emilia Gatto Principal Investigator
Westmead Hospital | Westmead, New South Wales, 2145, Australia Recruiting Jillian McMillan 612-98456793 [email protected] Clement Loy Principal Investigator
Monash University | Melbourne, Victoria, 3800, Australia Recruiting Katie Fitzgerald [email protected] Julie Stout Principal Investigator
The Neurosciences Unit - North Metropolitan Hospital | Perth, Western Australia, 6010, Australia Recruiting Melanie Clark 618 93476464 [email protected] Rachel Zombor Principal Investigator Bradleigh Hayhow Principal Investigator
University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital | Parkville, 3052, Australia Recruiting Anita Goh + 61 3 8387 2429 [email protected]
Universitatsklinik Innsbruck | Innsbruck, 6020, Austria Recruiting Dora Valent +43 512 504 25810 [email protected] Klaus Seppi Principal Investigator
University Hospitals Leuven | Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, 3000, Belgium Recruiting Petra Weckx +3216341015 [email protected] Win van den Berghe, Prof. Principal Investigator
Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique (IPG) | Charleroi, B-6041, Belgium Recruiting Christine VERELLEN-DUMOULIN +32(0) [email protected] Christine VERELLEN-DUMOULIN Principal Investigator
University Hospital Lueven/ UZ Leuven | Leuven, 3000, Belgium Recruiting Wim Vandenberghe + 32 16342553 [email protected] Wim Vandenberghe Principal Investigator
Hôpital du Beau Vallon ASBL | Saint-Servais, B-5002, Belgium Recruiting Jean-Marie Warzee +32 (0) 81 721 241 [email protected] Lamia GUETTAT Principal Investigator
University of Calgary, Movement Disorders Program | Calgary, Alberta, T2N 4N1, Canada Recruiting Lorelei Derwent 1 (403) 210-9873 [email protected] Justyna Sarna Principal Investigator Ranjit Ranawaya Sub-Investigator Sarah Furtado Sub-Investigator
University of Alberta (Glenrose) | Edmonton, Alberta, T5G 0B7, Canada Terminated
University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton | Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2B7, Canada Recruiting Paul McCann 780-407-1614 [email protected] Oksana Suchowersky Principal Investigator
University of British Columbia | Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 2B5, Canada Recruiting Mike Adurogbangba 604-822-4872 [email protected] Lynn Raymond Principal Investigator
Nova Scotia Health Authority | Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3A7, Canada Recruiting Susannah Piercey 902-719-8291 [email protected] Kerrie Schoffer Principal Investigator
Centre for Movement Disorders | Markham, Ontario, L6B 1C9, Canada Recruiting Kim Thompson 416-847-7084 235 [email protected] Mark Guttman Principal Investigator
The Ottawa Hospital | Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4E9, Canada Recruiting Nerehis Tzivanopoulos 613-798-5555 19372 [email protected] Tiago Mestre Principal Investigator
North York General Hospital | Toronto, Ontario, M2K 1E2, Canada Recruiting Clare Gibbons 416 756 6788 [email protected] Wai-Lun Alan Fung Principal Investigator
CHUM Hospital of Notre Dame | Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4M1, Canada Recruiting Lyne Jean 514-890-8000 26470 [email protected] Sylvain Chouinard Principal Investigator Michel Panisset, MD Sub-Investigator
CETRAM | Santiago, Chile Recruiting Pedro Chaná [email protected] Pedro Chaná Principal Investigator
Universidad de Antioquia, Grupo de Neurociencias | Medellín, Antioquia, 51922, Colombia Recruiting Sonia Moreno +574) 219 6424 so[email protected] Francisco Lopera Principal Investigator
Servicios Médicos MS, Clínica de Marly | Bogotá, Cundinamarca, 110231, Colombia Recruiting Natalia Velez +571) 232 6120 [email protected] Gabriel Jose Arango Uribe Principal Investigator William Fernandez Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Aarhus | Aarhus, 8000, Denmark Recruiting Charlotte G Odgaard + 45 78463333 [email protected] Anette T Moller Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Copenhagen | Copenhagen, DK2100, Denmark Recruiting Christina V Hansen + 45 35456911 [email protected] Lena E Hjermind Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Odense | Odense, 5000, Denmark Recruiting Marianne Lundsgaard +4565414163 [email protected] Lene Wermuth Principal Investigator
Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg Hôpital de Hautepierre-Service de Neurologie | Strasbourg, Alsace Lorraine, 67098, France Recruiting Fanny Huselstein + 33(0) [email protected] Christine Tranchant Principal Investigator
CHU Amiens-Picardie | Amiens, 80054, France Recruiting Stéphanie Blin +33(0)3 22 66 80 00 63206 Pierre Krystkowiak Principal Investigator
CHU Angers, Centre de Référence Maladies Neurogénétiques | Angers, 49100, France Recruiting Audrey Olivier +33(0) [email protected] Christophe Verny Principal Investigator
Hôpital Pellegrin | Bordeaux, 33076, France Recruiting Marie-Pierre Baudier +33(0) [email protected] Cyril Goizet Principal Investigator
CHU Gabriel-Montpied | Clermont-Ferrand, 63003, France Recruiting Dihya Benghadid +33(0) [email protected] Ana-Raquel Marques Principal Investigator
Hôpital Henri Mondor, Centre d'Investigation Clinique | Créteil, 94000, France Recruiting Graça Morgado +33(0) [email protected] Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Levi Principal Investigator
Hôpital Roger Salengro - CHRU de Lille | LILLE Cedex, 59037, France Recruiting Eric Decorte +33 (0) 30583 [email protected] Clémence Simonin Principal Investigator
Hôpital La Timone | Marseille, 13005, France Recruiting Laura Mundler +33(0) [email protected] : Jean-Philippe Azulay Principal Investigator
CHU Montpellier | Montpellier, 34295, France Recruiting BERNEL Sylvaine 04 67 33 67 00 [email protected] Cecilia MARELLI Principal Investigator
Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière | Paris, 75646, France Recruiting Tiffany Monnier +33(0) [email protected] Alexandra Dürr Principal Investigator
Hôpital Purpan, Centre d'Investigation Clinique | Toulouse, 31059, France Recruiting Brigitte Pouzet +33(0) [email protected] Fabienne Calvas Principal Investigator
University Hospital Aachen | Aachen, 52074, Germany Recruiting Rena Overbeck +49 241 8037705 [email protected] Kathrin Reetz Principal Investigator
University of Berlin | Berlin, 10117, Germany Recruiting Stefanie Kehrer 49 30 4 50 61 72 76 [email protected] Josef Priller Principal Investigator
St. Josef und St. Elisabeth Hospital | Bochum, 44791, Germany Recruiting Barbara Kaminski +49 234 509 2703 [email protected] Carsten Saft Principal Investigator
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden | Dresden, 01307, Germany Recruiting Simone Schmidt +49 351- 458 2524 [email protected] Andreas Hermann Principal Investigator
University Hospital Erlangen | Erlangen, 91054, Germany Recruiting Susanne Seifert +49 9131 8539324 [email protected] Jürgen Winkler Principal Investigator
University Medical Center Freiburg | Freiburg, 79106, Germany Recruiting Gerit Kammel +49 761 27053570 [email protected] Michel Rijntjes Principal Investigator
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover | Hannover, 30625, Germany Not yet recruiting Christoph Schrader +49 511 532 3513 [email protected] Christoph Schrader Principal Investigator
Paracelsus Elena Klinik Kassel | Kassel, 34128, Germany Recruiting Grit Langhans +49 561 6009169 [email protected] Claudia Trenkwalder Principal Investigator
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein | Lübeck, 23538, Germany Recruiting Jenny Schmalfeld +49 451 50043499 [email protected] Alexander Münchau Principal Investigator
University Hospital Giessen and Marburg | Marburg, 25043, Germany Terminated
Technical University of Munich | Munich, 81675, Germany Recruiting Antje Lüsebrink 49 89 4140 4693 [email protected] Adolf Weindl Principal Investigator
George-Huntington-Institut GmbH | Münster, 48149, Germany Recruiting Laura Spital +49 251 788 7880 [email protected] Ralf Reilmann Principal Investigator
kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum Taufkirchen (Vils) | Taufkirchen, 84416, Germany Recruiting Michael Bachmaier +49 8084 934 417 [email protected] Ralf Marquard Principal Investigator
University Hopsital of Ulm | Ulm, 89081, Germany Recruiting Sonja Trautmann +49 731 500 63080 [email protected] Bernhard Landwehrmeyer Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Wuerzburg | Würzburg, 97080, Germany Recruiting Christine Leypold +49 931 201 23510 [email protected] Kai Boelmans Principal Investigator
Beaumont Hospital | Dublin 9, Republic Of Ireland, Ireland Recruiting Donal Campbell [email protected] Niall Pender Principal Investigator
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta - Genetics | Milan, MI, 20133, Italy Recruiting Lorenzo Nanetti 0039 02 23942269 [email protected] Caterina Mariotti Principal Investigator
Bari Policlinico General Hospital | Bari, 70123, Italy Recruiting Vittorio Sciruicchio 0039 080 5596739 [email protected] Marina de Tommaso Principal Investigator
IRCCS Istituto delle Scienze Neurologiche di Bologna | Bologna, 40139, Italy Recruiting Cesa Scaglione 0039 0514966919 [email protected] Pietro Cortelli Principal Investigator
Università degli Studi di Genova (DINOGMI) | Genoa, 16132, Italy Recruiting Paola Mandich 0039 0103538960 [email protected] Giovanni Abbruzzese Principal Investigator
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta - Neurology | Milan, 20133, Italy Recruiting Lucrezia Immordino 0039 02 2394 2400 [email protected] Paola Soliveri Principal Investigator
University of Naples | Napoli, I-80131, Italy Recruiting Elena Salvatore 0039 0817463711 [email protected] Giuseppe de Michele Principal Investigator
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore | Rome, 00168, Italy Recruiting Flavia Torlizzi 0039 06 30155633 [email protected] Anna Rita Bentivoglio Principal Investigator
Lega Italiana Ricerca Huntington (LIRH) | Rome, 00185, Italy Recruiting Barbara D'Alessio 0039 800388830 (toll free, Ita [email protected] Ferdinando Squitieri Principal Investigator
Azienda Ospedaliera Sant'Andrea | Rome, 00189, Italy Recruiting Silvia Romano 0039 06 33776044 [email protected] Giovanni Ristori Principal Investigator
University Medical Center Groningen | Groningen, 9700RB, Netherlands Recruiting Maraike Coenen 0031(0)503612408 [email protected] H.P.H. Kremer Principal Investigator
Leiden University Medical Centre | Leiden, 2300 RC, Netherlands Recruiting Esther Arendts 0031(0)71 526 54 42 [email protected] Raymund AC Roos Principal Investigator
Clinical Trial Center Maastricht B.V. | Maastricht, 6202 AZ, Netherlands Recruiting Daisy Ramakers 0031(0)433877676 [email protected] Mayke Oosterloo Principal Investigator
Auckland City Hospital | Auckland, 1142, New Zealand Recruiting Christina Buchanan 6421.896.662 25747 Richard Roxburgh Principal Investigator
New Zealand Brain Research Institute at University of Otago | Christchurch, 8011, New Zealand Recruiting Laura Paermentier +64 33786662 [email protected] Tim Anderson Principal Investigator
Copernicus Podmiotem Leczniczym sp. z o.o. | Gdansk, 80-462, Poland Recruiting Agniezska Konkel +4858 7684560 [email protected] Witold Soltan Principal Investigator
Krakowska Akademia Neurologii Sp. z o.o | Katowice, 40-588, Poland Recruiting Magdalena Łyniewska 0048 32 7894601 [email protected] Monika Rudzinska Principal Investigator
Solumed Centrum Medyczne | Poznan, 60-529, Poland Recruiting Katarzyna Eszrych 0048 61 854 72 99 [email protected] Daniel Zielonka Principal Investigator
Medical University of Warsaw | Warsaw, 02-097, Poland Recruiting Natalia Szejko +48 509905931 [email protected] Piotr Janik Principal Investigator
Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw | Warsaw, 02-957, Poland Recruiting Grzegorz Witkowski +48 694904208 [email protected] Grzegorz Witkowski Principal Investigator
Hospital Prof Doutor Fernando Fonseca | Amadora, 2720-276, Portugal Not yet recruiting Helena Cardoso +351 214348269 [email protected] Cristina Costa, MD Principal Investigator
Hospital Universitário de Coimbra | Coimbra, 3000-075, Portugal Not yet recruiting Cristina Januário +351 239 400 400 Cristina Januário Principal Investigator
Central Lisbon Hospital | Lisbon, 1169-050, Portugal Terminated
Tânia Silva | Lisbon, 1649-035, Portugal Recruiting Tania C Silva 00 351 217930629 [email protected] Joaquim Ferreira Principal Investigator
Hospital Universitário de São João | Porto, 4200-319, Portugal Recruiting Ana Oliveira +351 225 512 100 5119 Ana Oliveira Principal Investigator
Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz | Badajoz, 06080, Spain Recruiting Patrocinio G Moreno 34924241992 [email protected] Carmen D Herrera Principal Investigator
Hospital de Cruces | Barakaldo, 08036, Spain Recruiting Maria AC Gill 34652721371 [email protected] Juan C Gomez Principal Investigator
Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge | Barcelona,, 08907, Spain Recruiting Serge Jaumà Classen 34 93 335 70 11 Matilde Calopa Garriga Principal Investigator
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau | Barcelona, 08025, Spain Recruiting Antonia Campolongo 34 93 556 72 53 [email protected] Jaime Kulisevsky Principal Investigator
Hospital Mare de Déu de la Mercè | Barcelona, 08035, Spain Recruiting Elvira Roca Goma 34934185826 [email protected] Jesús Ruíz Idiago Principal Investigator
Fundacion Clinic per a La Recerca Biomèdica | Barcelona, 08036, Spain Recruiting Pilar Santacruz 34932275400 3088 [email protected] Esteban Muñoz Principal Investigator
Hospital Universitario de Burgos | Burgos, 09006, Spain Recruiting Natividad Mariscal 34665803265 [email protected] Esther Cubo Principal Investigator
Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal | Madrid, 28034, Spain Recruiting Verónica Mañanes 34626340566 [email protected] José LL Sendón Principal Investigator
Fundación Jiménez Díaz | Madrid, 28040, Spain Recruiting Asunción Martinez 34689463417 [email protected] Pedro G Ruiz-Espiga Principal Investigator
Hospital Son Espases | Palma De Mallorca, 07120, Spain Recruiting Dolors M Benito 34619099891 [email protected] Inés Legarda Principal Investigator
Hospital Virgen del Camino | Pamplona, 31008, Spain Recruiting Maria D Martinez 34848429990 [email protected] Maria Ramos Principal Investigator
Fundacion Hospital Universitario La Fe | Valencia, 46970, Spain Recruiting Francisco Castera Brugada +34 682 893 185 [email protected] Carmen Peiro Principal Investigator
Siloah AG | Gümligen, 3073, Switzerland Recruiting Jessica Köhli 31 352 20 70 [email protected] Jean-Marc Burgunder Principal Investigator
University Hospital Zurich | Zürich, 08091, Switzerland Recruiting Maike Heider +41 44 255 1111 [email protected] Hans Jung Principal Investigator
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust | Exeter, Devon, EX25DW, United Kingdom Recruiting Sarah Irvine 01392406979 [email protected] Timothy Harrower Principal Investigator
Leicestershire Partnership | Narborough, Leicestershire, LE19 4SL, United Kingdom Recruiting Caroline Hallam 0116 2951516 [email protected] Reza Kiana Principal Investigator
North Bristol NHS Trust | Bristol, UK, BS10 5NB, United Kingdom Recruiting Louise Gethin 0117 4148270 [email protected] Elizabeth Coulthard Principal Investigator
Fife Health Board | Kirkcaldy, UK, KY1 2ND, United Kingdom Recruiting Nicola Johns 01592 647993 [email protected] Michael Armanyous Principal Investigator
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board | Wrexham, UK, LL13 7TD, United Kingdom Recruiting Julia Roberts [email protected] Alberto Salmoiraghi Principal Investigator
University of Aberdeen | Aberdeen, AB25 2ZA, United Kingdom Recruiting Stella Sihlabela 01224 550026 [email protected] Zosia Miedzybrodzka Principal Investigator
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust | Birmingham, B15 2FG, United Kingdom Recruiting Ellice Parkinson 0121 301 4337 [email protected] Hugh Rickards Principal Investigator
University of Cambridge | Cambridge, CB2 0PY, United Kingdom Recruiting Sarah Mason 01223 331160 [email protected] Roger Barker Principal Investigator
Cardiff University | Cardiff, CF24 4HQ, United Kingdom Recruiting Rebecca Cousins 02920745237 [email protected].uk Anne Rosser Principal Investigator
Tayside Health Board | Dundee, DD1 9SY, United Kingdom Recruiting Paula McFayden 01382 424196 [email protected] David Goudie Principal Investigator
Lothian Health Board | Edinburgh, EH4 2XU, United Kingdom Recruiting Philip Greene 0131 537 1116 [email protected] Mary Porteous Principal Investigator
Greater Glasgow Health Board | Glasgow, G51 4TF, United Kingdom Recruiting Scott Farmer 0141 232 7600 [email protected] Stuart Ritchie Principal Investigator
Ayrshire Central Hospital | Kilmarnock, KA2 OBB, United Kingdom Withdrawn
NHS Forth Valley | Larbert, FK5 4WR, United Kingdom Recruiting David Thomson 01324 566230 [email protected] Christian Neumann Principal Investigator
Leeds Teaching Hospitals | Leeds, LS7 4SA, United Kingdom Recruiting Callum Schofield 0113 3924679 [email protected] Emma Hobson Principal Investigator
The Walton Centre | Liverpool, L9 7LJ, United Kingdom Recruiting Louise Pate +44 1515295668 [email protected] Rhys Davies Principal Investigator
Guy's and St. Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust | London, SE1 9RT, United Kingdom Recruiting Elizabeth White 02071887865 [email protected] Thomasin Andrews Principal Investigator
St. George's Hospital | London, SW17 0RE, United Kingdom Recruiting Uruj Anjum 0208 725 1067 [email protected] Nayana Lahiri Principal Investigator
University College of London | London, WC1B SEH, United Kingdom Recruiting Monica Lewis 020 3108 7480 [email protected] Sarah Tabrizi Principal Investigator
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust | Manchester, M13 9WL, United Kingdom Recruiting Helen Chadwick +44 161 701 2541 [email protected] David Craufurd Principal Investigator
Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust of St. Nicholas Hospital | Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE3 3XT, United Kingdom Recruiting Sarah Edwards 0191 2467392 [email protected] Suresh Komati Principal Investigator
St. Andrews Healthcare | Northampton, NN1 5DG, United Kingdom Terminated
Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals | Oxford, OX3 9DU, United Kingdom Recruiting Sarsha` Wilson 01865234607 [email protected] Andrea Nemeth Principal Investigator
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust | Plymouth, PL6 8BX, United Kingdom Recruiting Julie Frost 01872 255134 [email protected] Rupert Noad Principal Investigator
Poole Hospital | Poole, BH15 2JB, United Kingdom Recruiting Annemike Fox 01202 263210 [email protected] John Burn Principal Investigator
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust | Reading, RG1 5AN, United Kingdom Recruiting Richard Armstrong Principal Investigator
Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust | Sheffield, S10 2TH, United Kingdom Recruiting Louise Patterson 0114 2260828 [email protected] Oliver Quarrell Principal Investigator
University Hospital Southampton | Southampton, SO16 6YD, United Kingdom Recruiting Lesley Mackinnon 01962824127 [email protected] Christopher Kipps Principal Investigator
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust | Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8HH, United Kingdom Recruiting Karen Kennedy 017820441773 [email protected] George El-Nimr Principal Investigator
Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership | Swindon, SN3 6BW, United Kingdom Active, not recruiting
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