High Intensity Interval Training VS Moderate Intensity Continuous Training in Chronic Low Back Pain Subjects

12 Week High Intensity Interval Training VS Moderate Intensity Continuous Training in Chronic Low Back Pain Subjects: a Randomized Single-blinded Feasibility Study


Hauptsponsor: Cerini Tamara

Mitarbeiter: Schulthess Klinik

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The current guidelines for non-specific CLBP, recommend a conservative approach with exercise therapy, as first line treatment. Endurance and resistance training are two examples of recommended exercise therapies. However, it appears that none is recommended as superior over the other.

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The lack of studies using HIIT in CLBP subjects, is the reason why it is needed to conduct an investigation about its effects.

However, firstly it is needed to assess the feasibility and safety of the HIIT protocol, to integrate it in the daily practise and future research.

In a single-center, single-blinded randomized feasiblity study, the investigators aim to prove the feasibility and safety of a 12 week HIIT programm.

Gesamtstatus Completed
Anfangsdatum September 25, 2019
Fertigstellungstermin March 13, 2020
Primäres Abschlussdatum March 13, 2020
Phase N/A
Studientyp Interventional
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Adherence 13 weeks
Sekundäres Ergebnis
Messen Zeitfenster
Enjoyability 13 week
Willingness to continue the training 13 weeks
Number of Adverse Events & Dropout rate 13 weeks
Recruited rate 3 months
Einschreibung 30

Interventionsart: Other

Interventionsname: HIIT

Beschreibung: 5 min. warm up 10 × 60 seconds burst 60 seconds recovery after each burst Burst phase: HRR >90% Recovery phase: HRR btw. 30-39% 5 min. cool down

Armgruppenetikett: HIIT

Anderer Name: high intensity interval training

Interventionsart: Other

Interventionsname: MICT

Beschreibung: 5 min. warm up 20 min. continuous cycling: HRR btw. 40% - 59% 5 min. cool down

Armgruppenetikett: MICT

Anderer Name: moderate intensiv continuous training



Inclusion Criteria:

- Oswestry disability index (ODI) Score ≥ 14%

- Low back pain for at least 3 months.

- Declared suitable by their physician or hospital consultant to start an exercise programme and to perform a graded exercise testing to determine the heart rate peak.

- Good understanding of German or English, written and spoken.

- Age between 29 - 69

- No or stopped physical therapy.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Pre-existing unstable heart disease or suspected angina pectoris, cardiac dysrhythmias, heart failure, aneurysm or aortic stenosis.

- Known pregnancy.

- Previous low back spinal surgery in the last 2 years.

- Tumour, spinal stenosis, spinal fractures or radiculopathy.

- Comorbid health conditions like diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis or other systemic inflammatory diseases.

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April 2020

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Etikette: MICT

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